Wow! Never has an election result had so much intense emotion attached to it.

Wow! Never has an election result had so much intense emotion attached to it.

To Trump voters it was a miracle.  To Clinton voters it was an absolute disaster and nightmare.   For many it was an anti-vote, anyone but the other.

However you voted you find it difficult, if not unimaginable that someone could have voted for the other candidate.  The choice between good and evil seemed so obvious and stark.

The community we serve is overwhelmingly Democratic, so many of our neighbors are devastated, and perhaps we along with them.

Some, however, might be overjoyed, and cannot believe their good fortune in this outcome.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we gather before God to seek Perspective, one that must be rooted in Christ.  In Acts 4:23-31 we find an incredible prayer said by the first church.  What was remarkable about it was how they found themselves centered in God’s Story.

Their prayer was packed with faith and confidence.

How can we trust God when it feels like the bottom has dropped out?

If we are on the other side of the equation how can we be challenged by God to be faithful to righteousness and justice after an election that seems to have promoted bigotry?

How can we unite around Christ as we come to His Table?

More than ever our nation is going to need priests.  We cannot be winners or losers.  We are called to be the Redeemed, filled with the Spirit of God.

When we worship and pray together we once again put ourselves in position to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

What an incredible opportunity.

I really hope to see you this Sunday.