Will Acuff visiting. Associate Pastor announced.

Will Acuff visiting. Associate Pastor announced.

I am excited that Will Acuff will be visiting this Sunday and will be able to give an update on Corner to Corner, the ministry in East Nashville that Will and his wife Tiffany started and which we support.

Also, this Sunday I am excited to be able to announce the candidate for the Associate Pastor position. We will have an opportunity to meet him on March 25 and he will be preaching that Sunday, March 26.

This Sunday I will continue our Lent Focus series, On the Way: Traveling with Jesus, guided by the accounts in the Gospel of Luke of Jesus’ trip to Jerusalem.

What upsets Jesus? What makes him mad?

You might be surprised. Those who were trying to figure him out were.

In Luke 11:37-54, Jesus has had enough. He doesn’t lose it with an outburst of temper, but he comes close.

He pronounces six ‘woes’ on people who should have known him best.

What was at stake?

What does Jesus want us to most understand about God?

How are we inclined to get it wrong?

How is Jesus wanting to set us free so that we can live without the pressure of performance, without the pressure of status and pretension?

Let’s travel with him and see.