When God Breaks Into Our Lives

When God Breaks Into Our Lives

What inspires awe in you?

How awe-inspirable are you?

The daily demands of life, schedules, deadlines and the like tend to anesthetize us. We become dull or numb to life. Or the adrenaline needed to keep the pace has the same effect.

Did you hear about the NFL player who last Sunday had the tip of his middle finger cut off in a play and didn’t know it until he took off his glove? Do you think the demand of making the play crowded out every other concern? You bet.

When God breaks into our lives one of the first things he does is to restore our capacity for awe, for wonder.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we continue the message series, Living in God’s Story: a study of the New Testament book of Acts. Acts 2:42-47 describes the first church created by the Spirit of God. It says that they were all filled with awe because God was doing many wonders and miraculous signs among them.

What was going on? What were they doing to be plugged into God’s story?

The passage contains the blueprint for every person and every church that wishes to see the life and love of Christ lived out.

It’s a vision for awe.