What’s it like living in Chapel Hill?

What’s it like living in Chapel Hill?

My wife was asked that question this past weekend at a wedding reception.  What the person really wanted to ask was, “How can you stand living in such a liberal, ungodly place?”

Compared to the rest of North Carolina it certainly is ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ depending on one’s point of view.  And it certainly is the case that many of my friends dismiss any practical or meaningful belief in God.

Do you know why?

They think that it is all made up.

A total fabrication of mostly, if not all, men who wanted to maintain power over others.  They see any organized faith experience as nothing more than a product of human beings who for some reason are unwilling to face reality.

What is clear is this:  they don’t see God.

At the Gathering Church this Sunday we get to see an account of something that could not be explained without God.  No one could have contrived what we see happen in Acts 15:1-35.  What happened was so unpredictable that it created a crisis.  The future of Christianity was at stake.  It defied all expectations.

Have you ever been surprised by something God did?

Have you ever been confused or threatened?

At those moments do you fold or focus?

This Sunday Jesus’ friend and apostle Peter will show us how to focus and discover the heart of God.