This Sunday, Special Speaker – June 14

This Sunday, Special Speaker – June 14

Chris Moran, the Executive Director of the InterFaith Council will join us to speak about some of the needs in Chapel Hill.  The IFC is the primary social services organization in town, running the shelter, the community kitchen, the food pantry, and many other programs.  Chris has been its director for 25 years, and is one of the most respected leaders in our area.  I am glad that he will get to meet you, and you him.

We are eager for the Gathering Church to become a vital part of our area right off the bat.  We want to build meaningful relationships with those who serve our community.  Not many communities have something as central to serving its needs as the IFC.

I reported to our group that our first donation towards other organizations and ministries was made to the IFC.  We  responded to a request by the food pantry to purchase a commercial freezer.  We don’t even have a a budget set up yet, but we know that we want to give a percentage of whatever  has been given to serve someone outside ourselves, what is usually called missions.

Other news:  On Sunday night we will begin to make plans to host a special Open House event on June 28.  Many people have been asking about the Gathering  Church, so we want to have a special night of invitation, including a barbecue dinner.  We’ll talk about this Sunday night.

FYI:  The Acuff crowd is descending on Chapel Hill this weekend to celebrate our daughter, Molly’s high school graduation.  It’s going to be great to have all of our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren here.   Our granddaughter, L.E. says that coming to Papa and Mimi’s is “slightly better than going to Disney World,” because you get to jump on the trampoline, and see Bailey (our dog).  Awesome!