This Sunday – Sept 5

This Sunday – Sept 5

The best things have happened in my life when other people have cared whether or not good things were happening in my life.  Starting with my parents, of course.

It’s a delusion, you know, to imagine that the best things that can happen in your life result primarily from your own achievements.  It’s another delusion to imagine that the best impact of your life is measured by your own pursuits and achievements.  Wrong.  The best result of your life has to do with the good things that happen with others.

I appreciate the teachers, coaches, professors, pastors, Sunday School teachers, family and friends who all thought there was some value in contributing to my life.  I feel a responsibility to pass it on.

But, here’s the thing: if people are going to mean something to you by their love, care and aspirations for you – you have to be in range of them. 

You have to be connected.

And if your love and care are going to help good tings happen in the lives of anyone else, again, you have to be in range.

You have to be connected.

This Sunday, John Jay Alvaro, our new Duke Divinity School intern will be speaking at the Gathering Church on being Connected – the second part of our focus as a church:

Present to God

Connected to One Another

Engaged in the World

I’ve had a preview and it’s going to be a great message.  We’ll even get to apply it that very day, by having lunch together.

The pace and demands on our lives keep us disconnected.  We almost don’t know how to be human beings anymore, even if we live under the same roof. I’m excited that the Gathering Church wants to be a relational church that actually helps people connect.

Let’s connect this Sunday.