This Sunday – Sept 30

This Sunday – Sept 30

I wish everyone’s job required them to prepare and deliver a sermon each week.

That would be awesome.

Even for people who didn’t believe in God. What would happen if everyone had to study a Bible passage, think about the needs of those around them and the message that God wanted to get across.

Right now I hear the garbage being picked up on my street. Imagine if later today back at the garage each of the guys had to deliver a short message on the Lord’s Prayer. Or, a friend called me this morning who is a financial planner. Imagine if all of his clients expected him to give them a short sermon about seeking first the kingdom of God from Matthew 6:33.

Sure, we could have a nightmare society if everyone was preaching at each other. In this political season that’s already happening, but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about what would happen if everyone studied the Bible with two things in mind: the heart of God and the needs of others.

Start with the passage I get to teach this Sunday at the Gathering Church from Philippians 2:1-18. In the series A New Perspective we see how Jesus changed the way we do relationships, especially ones that might have a little conflict cooking. Frankly, Jesus totally wrecks what we tend to think we need to do to do well in this world.

Check it out. If you were teaching it this week, what would you say?