This Sunday – Sept 2

This Sunday – Sept 2

I have to admit, it changed me.

I was an independent, full-of-myself, clueless freshman, excited to be on my own, ready for anything.

A new friend invited me to a Bible study on campus, led by another student. So, I went. The leader was a serious, pre-med upper-classman. Out of nervousness I’m sure that I talked too much, relied on humor to be comfortable and was certainly not a contributing factor to anything good happening there.

But, the leader invited me back.

Then he did something else. He asked me to have lunch with him sometime.

What later developed was a relationship that modeled to me what it meant for someone to be devoted to someone else. The leader was devoted to me, to my life-development, to my welfare.

And I was changed.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church I will teach from Romans 12:9-13 about Transforming Relationships. The start of fall is a good time to check the vital signs of some of our relationships. It is also a great time to take steps toward building new relationships. The demands of our lives often prevent us from being human enough to even have meaningful relationships.

What can we do on purpose to be devoted to others? Why does it matter?

This Sunday.