This Sunday – Sept 18

This Sunday – Sept 18

Be transformed.


An odd instruction from the Bible (Romans 12:2).


It’s like – be changed, be different, become something new.




What’s the matter with the way I am?  (Don’t ask my wife.)


If you have ever been transformed in any way you already know the answer to that question.


For me, one of the first indications that I was being transformed had to do with the way I saw people.  God was becoming real, Christ had become irresistible to me.  I had a new hunger to know him, to follow him.


And then I noticed it.  People were becoming irresistible.  Oh, I had enjoyed people before.  Usually for the wrong reasons, for self-serving reasons.  But, now, people whom socially I would not have noticed or worse, would have avoided were now becoming like family.  They really cared for me and I for them. 


I was connected to people in a new way.


This Sunday at the Gathering Church the message will be about  what it means to be transformed in our relationships, what it means to be connected.  Romans 12 will be our guide.  It’s a powerful passage.


Also, this Sunday there will be a Home Group Fair, an opportunity to connect to a group outside of Sunday morning, to give yourself room to grow.  Some great groups are starting.  You may want to start your own.


We can only be transformed with the help of each other.  Some great friendships are just around the corner.