This Sunday – Sept 16

This Sunday – Sept 16

It was a little embarrassing to admit.

But I had to if I wanted to learn anything.

Apparently, I don’t know how to change a tire on a bicycle.

At least that’s what I figured after a new tire and tube went flat after one ride. Oh, I had changed many, but too many lately. Whatever I was doing was creating the perfect opportunity for one bump to puncture a tube that must be pinched somewhere in the high-pressured, thin road-bike tire.

I needed someone who knows what they are doing to show me.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church someone who knows what they are doing will show us how to live in such a way that our life can only be explained as an advance of God’s love in the world. The apostle Paul will teach us from a letter he wrote, Philippians 1:12-26, as the message series continues, A New Perspective. Perspective in a lot of areas is touched on in this short passage: purpose, ambition, rivalry, trouble, death, security and happiness. There’s plenty for anyone to learn.

So, when I walked into the bike shop carrying my flat tire and admitting my need the master mechanic invited me into his Holy of Holies and step-by-step showed me how to change a high-performance road-bike tire. It was great and just in time for this unbelievable weather.

A bike in the garage is useless. It works best on the road.