This Sunday – Sept 13

This Sunday – Sept 13

I am excited about a special service we are having this Sunday, at Untied Church at 5:00 pm. Chris Breslin, our Associate Intern has planned a special recognition and time of dedication of all our pursuits for learning and education this coming year. Check this out from Chris:

“In such a community dominated with teaching and learning (often best by those not writing the big tuition checks) and at the start of another year of exciting and excruciating encounters with God through our various studies, we would like to be intentional about recognizing, supporting, blessing, and affirming this.

To facilitate this I ask that you bring a material item representing something about your school year (notebook, syllabus, textbook, laptop, crayons, backpack, etc) to our worship gathering Sunday. It seems important that we both physically surrender our own holds of these things, trusting them to the Lord of all; and envision as a community what it means to support each other in these things this year, whether we are University professors, pre-schoolers, seminary students, middle/high schoolers or undergrads or none of the above.

Be creative, this is a time for joyous trusting, as opposed to the anxiety many of us take up.”

I will be speaking on Jesus’ description of what most please God from Matthew 22:34-40, about how this applies to our education and learning.

Dinner: We will not be able to have dinner together this week as United begins their fall programs. We are planning on an after-service picnic at Homestead Park for next week.

I look forward to seeing you for this special dedication service.