This Sunday – Palm Sunday

This Sunday – Palm Sunday

What would you do?

If you won the New York Mega Bucks Lottery this weekend. It’s up to $540 million and the frenzy to buy tickets is one of the lead stories of the day.

Imagining what you would do with all that money could identify some of your strongest dreams. What would most change about you? Would anything change about the world in which you live?

Or maybe you don’t win the lottery but you’re the highest earning hedge fund manager in the country. You know how much you made last year?

$3.9 billion.

That’s not what your company earned, that’s what your personal income was. Your company earned more than Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay combined.

What would be your best goal?

This Sunday begins the week leading up to Easter, Holy Week. Christians celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. After three years of preparation Jesus arrives for the Passover Feast as the big story.

He’s got Jerusalem right where he wants it. Even stages his entry to match the highest expectations the Jews could have.

In John 12:12-26 Jesus clarifies his ‘dream’.

What will he do when he has it all?

What’s his best goal?

His answer teaches us what is essential about a best goal.

Welcome to Holy Week this Sunday.