This Sunday – Oct 9

This Sunday – Oct 9

Something special is happening at the Gathering Church this Sunday.


Chris Breslin, our associate pastor will be ordained into the ministry of Jesus Christ.


Ordination is when a church recognizes God’s particular purpose for an individual who is to be set apart to serve the Church as a pastor.  Any and every follower of Christ is called to be a minister for the church and the world, but some are called to assist others in discovering and developing their ministries. 


Our Leadership Team believes that Chris is one such person.  Chris and Rachel became involved from the first days of the church and began to have an immediate impact of service.  While attending Duke Divinity School, Chris served as a field education intern and then later as a part-time associate pastor.  In May Chris became our full-time associate pastor.


Chris has been the behind-the-scenes person who helps the right things happen for the church to function.  He provides leadership for our Home Group development, worship, and young adults.  Meeting with him weekly, I rely on him heavily for insight and support.


We are excited to accept the privilege and responsibility for not only our congregation but for the full Body of Christ in ordaining Chris.


I know that this Sunday will be more than about one person’s ministry career path.  We will all be inspired and challenged to understand and pursue God’s direction for our lives.


Let’s make some good history together this Sunday.