This Sunday – Oct 4

This Sunday – Oct 4

“For in him we live and move and have our being.”

How does one express the ultimate relevance of God in a world that has learned to move and have its being without God? Or, worse, in a world that has co-opted the image of God, shrinking that image into something we can manage and use for our own purposes.

This is the challenge that the apostle Paul faces as he speaks to the philosophers in Athens, the story found in Acts 17:16-34. It is an amazing story. In it, he dos nothing less than attempt to explain why any of us exist.

Tonight, at The Gathering Church 5:00 pm, at United Church in Chapel Hill, we will be discussing this story. And, guess what, it gives one of the best explanations as to why anyone should be crazy enough to start a church.

Potluck: We will have a potluck after the service, so bring something to share. Having a meal together has become one of the most important things that we do together, and everyone is welcome.

Enjoy this beautiful day.