This Sunday – Oct 30

This Sunday – Oct 30

I grew up thinking that Jesus was like David Carradine in the Kung Fu TV show, minus the neat martial arts.  Meek, mild, and very understated.  A veiled strength, but basically no emotions. 


So, you can imagine that it gets my attention when a story depicts Jesus as so pumped up with excitement he can hardly contain himself.


At least that’s what seems to happen in John 4:27-42.  Jesus goes from being worn out from travelling to so excited that he has lost his appetite. 


What happened?


A conversation.


One he started.


One that shouldn’t have happened at all.


But, Jesus took a step towards an out-of-bounds person.  And Jesus was plenty pumped up with what happened next.


This Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in a 30-Day Focus: Learning to Love on Purpose we will see what can happen to a whole community because of one conversation.


We never know the full potential of just one loving step towards another. 


This Sunday we learn from Jesus what’s worth getting excited about.