This Sunday – Oct 3

This Sunday – Oct 3

Okay, I admit it.


I feel sorry for the older brother.


In the parable of the Prodigal Son, one of the most famous stories Jesus ever told, the older brother is the bad son, even though he’s been good all his life. His younger brother disgraces the family, lives the worse kind of life, but somehow becomes the hero.


It’s just not fair.


What’s the point of trying to live a good life if it really doesn’t matter in the end?


This Sunday we continue in our Prodigal God series, based on Timothy Keller’s book by that name. We will dig into the story that Jesus tells in Luke 15, explaining why he “welcomes sinners.”


It’s strange to refer to God as prodigal, but Keller is using the word technically as a description of someone who spends everything they have. The younger son spent everything he had on out-of-control living. Keller will show how God spent everything he had on us.


In Home Group discussion and sermons we are getting in touch with the core message of Jesus. Things get turned upside down when that happens.


So, hold on.