This Sunday – Oct 23

This Sunday – Oct 23

30 Days of Focus:  Learning to Love on Purpose


Six days into a thirty-day focus to grow our ability to love oth4rs by just paying attention to them by first paying attention to God.


Five Habits we embrace to help us grow:

      Listen to the heart of God for others

      Pray seeking God’s guidance and for the welfare of others

      See those around us

      Step towards those around us

      Include those around us in experiencing the goodness of God


Check out the 30-Day Focus banner for the 3 Actions that support the habits.


This Sunday we get to see Jesus in one of the most notable conversations he has with anyone.  Found in John 4:1-26, Jesus reveals things about himself and God that are remarkable.


But, the most notable thing about the conversation is that it happens at all.


Jesus goes against the tide of relationships by stepping towards this person.  He sees what no one else could have seen about her.


The tide of normal relationships is almost always against truly connecting with others.  Even at church.  Even at home.  Especially at work.


Good things happen when people really connect.


Jesus took the first step.


He’ll teach us how – this Sunday.