This Sunday – Nov 20

This Sunday – Nov 20

“I know that I don’t love people like I should, but at least I don’t come up with rationalizations like Christians do.”


“I’m enjoying a course called Beyond Religion.  I’m spiritual, not religious.”


“Grace is cheating.  If I would be anything, it would be an Old Testament Jew where you don’t have a direct relationship with God.  He’ll kill you.”


Lunch with a friend who describes himself as an agnostic, a new acquaintance at a dinner party, and a pastoral visit to a new older friend this week included these statements.

All three persons have had tons of exposure to and experience with Christianity. 

Alan Hirsch, pastor and author, says that Christianity is losing ground in the West.  It certainly seems to have lost with many people I care about.

It’s easy to dismiss a faith that seems to be narrow, judgmental, divisive, and self-absorbed.

This Sunday, at the Gathering Church we will look at a story that presents something very difficult to dismiss:  the boundary-breaking love of Jesus. 

Found In Luke 7:36-50 it contrasts two approaches to God.  The most common is most true of those who feel most responsible towards God.  But, it’s deadly.

The less common approach unleashes a tide of love that renews everything it touches.

This is the last Sunday in the 30-Day Focus:  Learning to Love on Purpose. 

What best unleashes love in us?

This Sunday.