This Sunday – Nov 15

This Sunday – Nov 15

I try to pray for my kids and their families daily, sometimes twice, first thing in the morning, and when I go to bed.  And, I will pray for them during the day as needs might occur to me. I’m often too mindful of how little I prayed for them and with them when they lived with us – except those ‘Help me, God,’ prayers that are essential when you are a parent.

In the morning I find myself a bit more attentive to God about how to best pray for them.  Sometimes I will say a general prayer of blessing, but often something occurs to me about each of them that results in a custom prayer.

But, many times a theme emerges, a theme about their experience with the love of God.  I imagine them enjoying a great sense of God’s love, and that shapes my prayer.  As I pray that, I become aware of what might be obstacles to them experiencing God’s love and I pray for those things.

 “Lord, ______ is swamped with enormous responsibilities right now.  Break into their crowded day and surprise them with your love.”


I think that a campaign is developing in my life about experiencing God’s love.

This Sunday, at the Gathering Church we will look at one of the most famous passages since the Reformation, Ephesians 2:1-10, the saved-by-grace-not-by-works passage.  Although, we will not be looking so much at the mechanics of a restored relationship with God, but, rather, the motivation of God described in the passage.

 My new mantra:  We want to love well because we have been well loved.