This Sunday – May 5

This Sunday – May 5

It pretty much never works.

To tell someone to stop worrying.

At least it doesn’t work with me. I immediately think that whoever says that to me doesn’t really understand the situation. If they did they would start worrying with me. We would get busy trying to fix or control whatever was the source of the worry.

Yet, this is exactly the advice that Jesus gives about the necessities of life: food and clothing.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church the teaching of Jesus from Matthew 6:25-34 will be the focus as I continue the series, At Hand: Jesus’ Teaching on Living Well.

Did you know that Jesus was a funny guy? Not a silly guy, but definitely someone who uses humor to make his point. This passage is full of his humor.

You know how seriously Jesus takes the concerns that drive us crazy?  He laughs about them. He says, “Are you kidding me? Don’t you know that…”

Come learn the “that” this Sunday.