This Sunday – May 24, Memorial Day Weekend

This Sunday – May 24, Memorial Day Weekend

Are you relaxing already?  Can you feel the first breath of summer holidays?  Nice, huh.

I’m doing a wedding that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, so there will be much celebrating in the next 24 hours.  Plus, Libby and I are hosting a block party for some neighbors who are moving and some who have just moved in.

I know that a lot of people will be gone this weekend, but I’m looking forward to our gathering on Sunday night.  We will look at one of the most fascinating stories in the ministry of Jesus, Mark 2:1-12, where Jesus is outrageous enough to do what only God can do.  Plus, it’s a great story about some people who really care for a friend.  We will use some lessons learned from Jack Bauer (see last entry) to further understand how we can offer God to others.

I am really enjoying our interaction when we get together, not only over the meal, but during the gathering time.  The other day I ran into a person who had come for the first time last week.  He is exploring faith issues and is enthusiastic to find a place where he can ask honest questions, where he can be included.

After our time together, some have suggested an ‘after-church’ hanging-out at The Station in Carrboro.  So, you’re welcome to come along if you want to keep some conversations going.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday night, 5:00pm at United Church, 1321 MLK Jr., Blvd.