This Sunday – May 23

This Sunday – May 23

Sometimes I still can’t believe it.

That Jesus would entrust everything he did to us.

As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.  John 20:21

In John’s gospel this is what Jesus said to his disciples in his first appearance to them after his resurrection. 

I get it that Jesus was incredible in accomplishing what God had sent him to do.  But, for Jesus now to give the redeem-the-world baton to his disciples – well, Jesus must have known something not apparent to me.

Have you ever sent anyone to do something for you?  Was it something important?  If it’s something really important, you make sure that you send the right person.

This Sunday I will continue a series about Knowing Where You Are.  That is, how to know where you are on the spiritual journey that God has in mind for you.  So far, we’ve looked at the place of Beginning, and the place of Growing.  This Sunday we will look at the place of Influencing – that is, making a difference in the lives of others.

And we get to that place by being sent by Christ.

What did Jesus mean when he said this?  Did he mean it for all followers, or just those apostles?  How is our life shaped by having been sent?  What does a sent-life look like anyway?

I believe that one of the reasons that I am still a Christian is that Jesus asked me to keep his work going.  Of course, he didn’t ask just me – but you, and anyone else who would follow him.

I love the adventure that you and I are on.  Jesus’ plan to use us on his behalf in the lives of others may sound crazy, but it’s amazing to see.

I can’t wait to talk about it this Sunday.