This Sunday – May 16

This Sunday – May 16

I am excited about this Sunday.  Chris Breslin, our Associate Intern, will be preaching.  Chris just finished his second year at Duke Divinity School, and might I add, with outstanding achievement.  Chris and Rachel connected with our church start back in May of last year and have played a vital role in this adventure.

Chris and I have met weekly over the past year and I have greatly benefited from his insights and ministry instincts.  His leadership behind the scenes and with the young adult crowd has been essential.  He completed his field education placement with us at the beginning of this month, but the Steering Group has asked him to stay on as an Associate, to help our church continue to develop.

This Sunday, Chris will be teaching us something very important about how God connects with us.  Check out the previous post for a preview.  We will learn important lessons about how we can know and enjoy the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Libby and I will be in  Rutherfordton, NC, at the wedding of David Kurtz and Kirby Tanner.  The Gathering Church has played a great role in supporting Dave and Kirby, so we are all excited for them.

Have a great Sunday!