This Sunday – May 13

This Sunday – May 13

In 2009, Gustavo Dudamel, at age 28, became the youngest person ever to be named the Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. He’s also the music director of the Gutenberg Symphony and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela.

Coming out of the Venezuelan music system that engages children from impoverished areas, he had burst on the classical music scene as “a conducting animal.” While rehearsing the renowned Vienna Philharmonic as a guest conductor, he challenged them at one point to “play with more blood.” He told the musicians that blood should be splashing on their faces as they attacked the piece.

Incredibly talented and hard-working, there is one word that describes him best: passionate.

He is passionate for music.

But he is more passionate for people.

His passion changes everyone around him.

Passionate is not a word we often associate with God. God’s too dignified, too holy, too preoccupied with correct beliefs and proper behavior.

Well, to understand what I will be teaching this Sunday at the Gathering Church, you’ll need to know how passionate God is.

Passionate for what?

For you.

In 1 John 2:28-3:10, God’s passion is unmistakable. And the impact of that passion is unmistakable. People live well, like children of God, like people who will stand with Jesus one day.

This Sunday – Loved: The Way to Know Ourselves.