This Sunday – March 18

This Sunday – March 18

“Would you like God to be for you?”

It was a simple question I asked at the end of a sermon a number of years ago.

And it troubled Peter the next week. He had just started attending the church. In his mid-fifties he had never had any use for church or a belief in God, but a co-worker whom he respected had invited him.

He made an appointment with me and when I welcomed him to my office I noticed that he looked as comfortable as someone needing a root canal.

If there really was a God was there also a way to truly know that God was for us?

Answering that question, Peter suspected could change maybe everything he thought about life.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church I get to teach from one of the most powerful passages in the Bible, Romans 8:29-39. Continuing the First Things First message series about centering our lives in an authentic worship of God I get to face a particular challenge. How can we really love and honor God when things aren’t going so well.

Without doubt we are at our best when we can get a sense of God’s perspective on what’s happening to us.

This Sunday God’s perspective shows up huge.

And I can’t wait to tell you about it.