This Sunday – March 25

This Sunday – March 25

“You seem especially grateful for what I did for you today,” said my wife when I came home.

She had helped me get my car inspected. It was way overdue and afterwards required going to the DMV to get the registration. And she did that.

Who’s not grateful when someone goes to the DMV for you?

It wasn’t hard.

Have you ever noticed how gratefulness makes us better people? (I wish my gratefulness wasn’t a surprise to my wife.)

This Sunday from Romans 11:33-12:2 I get to teach about how we best respond to what God has done for us. Completing the First Things First message series about worshipping God I come to the passage that describes the essence of worship.

Hint: It changes us in the best ways.

How is it that the change people can experience can actually match how great is the cause of that change?

This Sunday.