This Sunday – March 10

This Sunday – March 10

Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would teach if he had come in the 21st century. I especially wonder that while preparing a message on what he taught about lust and about divorce in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:27-32.

He says that looking at a woman with lust is as bad as adultery. And he says that anyone who divorces except for infidelity commits adultery.

Really, Jesus?

I dare you to try that not-lusting thing in the 21st century. And Jesus, you must not understand marriage. How could you?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church I continue the series, At Hand: Jesus’ Teaching on Living Well. And we will discover that Jesus has an amazing way of connecting to realities that most threaten our good experience with life.

He’s not setting up new rules. He’s illustrating a principle that leads to what we need most – heart change.

This Sunday: Jesus for the 21st century.