This Sunday – June 27 – Big Prayer

This Sunday – June 27 – Big Prayer

You can tell a person’s vision for their life by what they pray for. 

I once heard a leader say that. 

The point was quickly made that if we pray, we tend to pray for immediate relief from the most current struggle, frustration, or fearful circumstance.  No problem with that.  God wants us to enjoy a relationship with him that is open and transparent enough to include what’s happening.

The thing is that most of our daily struggles aren’t really that big of a deal.  When I look back at some cards that have my prayer requests on them, I’m surprised how worried I was about certain things that were easily resolved.

Little prayers may be needful, but if we are not careful little prayers produce a little vision, and a self-centeredness that will not really do us much good, and not do the world any good. Oh, yeah, and not look like we might know something about the God of heaven, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.

This Sunday we begin looking at the life and adventure of Nehemiah in detail.  Rebuilding What Matters is our theme, and we will take our cues from the story of this person whom God used in the fifth-century BCE to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem – a pretty amazing feat.  (I bet General Petraeus has read this leadership manual.)

In Nehemiah 1:4-11 we will see that it all begins with a Big Prayer.  Not a little one.  A huge one.  And the way God answers that prayer will change everything that Nehemiah is doing.

It’s going to be a great ride this summer in Nehemiah.  Some principles are going to stick with you and me that will change our lives and mean great things for others.

Beat the heat this Sunday morning and join us at the Gathering Church.


Next Steps Planning Retreat:  Don’t forget that Sunday night at 6:00 (Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill) we will meet for an important time of discussion, discernment, and planning about what God is calling us to do as a church.