This Sunday – June 17

This Sunday – June 17

I’m not worried.

Because you know the Scriptures.

When the Apostle Paul knew that he was facing the end of his life and that young Timothy was going to have to carry on the work at the most exciting church Paul had started, he felt good about it because he knew that Timothy was thoroughly grounded in “the holy Scriptures.” 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Can you imagine someone really important to you saying, “I have no worries about you because you know the Scriptures”?

This Sunday at the Gathering Church I begin a summer message series: Growing in Wisdom: A Summer Survey of the Bible. It will begin with an overview of the entire Bible and then each week we will dig into one of the primary sections.

In my life I have certainly met Christians who knew a lot of the stories and information in the Bible, yet lacked a God-vitality about their lives. But I have never met a person full of God’s grace and just absolutely contagious with God’s love who was not also deeply living out of the truths of Scripture. Years ago, J.I. Packer, author of Knowing God, identified “liveliness with the Word of God” as one of the surest signs of spiritual renewal.

So we’re going to have a great time this summer learning about the Scriptures. Good things happen when we do.

Starting this Sunday.