This Sunday – July 25

This Sunday – July 25

There’s always something else. 

Have you ever noticed that when you try to fix a problem you usually discover another problem that may even be worse? Only every time you have to take your car to a mechanic, right?

Nehemiah, the leader of the wall-building effort in ancient Jerusalem was making great progress.  Outside challenges in the form of enemies had nearly stalled the work, but they had effectively addressed the threats.  So, he was cooking along, until a great outcry was heard.

A new problem surfaces in chapter 5 of this Old Testament book.  Some of the people were getting rich off of those who were going down the drain in an economic downturn.  That never happens right?

You will think that Nehemiah has been watching our news when you hear his account of an economic mess.

His reaction when he hears that people are getting ripped off?  He gets furious.  But get this:  before he acts he ponders these things in his mind.  (Like the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture should have done before firing Shirley Sherrod this last Monday.)

Anyway, we have the chance to learn some very important lessons about change and dealing with problems that it produces.  And we will learn something about fairness and justice.  Most change challenges systems that work for some at the disadvantage of others.

Good stuff.  Lessons you will use over and over again.