This Sunday – July 24

This Sunday – July 24

On Tuesday m y son, Jon spoke to 3500 teenagers in Daytona at a youth conference.  On Thursday he spoke on a Dave Ramsay simulcast for 50,000.  Last Sunday he was the guest speaker at the five services of his church in Nashville.  Next week he speaks in Dallas at the Echo conference as well as at the Zig Ziglar organization.  Thousands of people from all over the world read Jon’s Stuff Christians Like blog each day.  His book, Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Jon and Your Dream Job was #3 on the Wall Street Journal’s Business Best Seller book list in May.


God is giving Jon some interesting opportunities to encourage and influence others.  And, he’s surprised and humbled enough by it all to guard his heart.


And his mom and dad are proud of him. 


So are the folks in the small town in central Massachusetts where Jon grew up, and the folks at the church who knew him.


Imagine if they weren’t.


Imagine if they totally dismissed what Jon is doing because they only saw him through what they had known about him.  Imagine if he was too familiar to them for them to take him seriously now.


If God is in any of what Jon is doing they would miss it.


This Sunday at the Gathering Church we look at what happened when Jesus returned to his hometown, Nazareth.  The story, found in Mark 6:1-6 describes Jesus as being amazed at the response.  What was so incredible about the response of his hometown?


We’ll see.


Let’s just say this:  a Hometown View of Jesus is deadly. 


Is it possible to have a Hometown View of Jesus?


It certainly is for me.  This Sunday I will tell you why.


Check out Mark 6:7-13 as well to see what Jesus does next.