This Sunday – July 18

This Sunday – July 18

Outrageous Change.

The best changes in our lives are usually a bit outrageous.  That’s why best changes don’t happen very often.  They require us to think and act too differently.  So, it is much easier to accept and adapt to our problems, limitations and challenges.

Not for Nehemiah, the person who got the walls rebuilt in Jerusalem in the 5th century BCE.

This Sunday we look at chapters three and four.  The work begins with great enthusiasm, but then opposition and fear nearly stall it.  Some things we will learn:

  • What do you do when the solution seems worse than the problem?
  • Three Things That Kill Change
  • Four Ways to Keep Going

Nehemiah’s story gets intense when they get going on rebuilding the wall.  Although it’s a bit of tough reading through the long list of builders in chapter three, it heats up in chapter four.  You’ll be surprised how relevant the challenges they faced are to us today.

Plus this Sunday – a fried chicken lunch with mac and cheese and a special dessert will be provided.  Hurray for summer!