This Sunday – July 17

This Sunday – July 17

I had breakfast this morning with a father and his three sons, 11, “almost 9”,’and 6.  The oldest wanted to talk abut getting baptized.


“God has become an important part of my life,” he said.


As we talked it seemed clear that he has a growing faith and an eagerness to follow the leadership of Jesus.  He knows that Jesus loves him because Jesus died for him.


I wasn’t surprised.  I’ve noticed him in the service on Sunday mornings.  Actually, I’ve been inspired by him.  He gets into the worship music as he sings, moving with the tempo, sometimes slightly stepping forward as if he’s stepping towards God.  


So, I asked him what his favorite song is.


“Blessed Be Your Name,” he instantly replied.


“It’s on his iPod,” one of his brothers reported. 


The thought of an eleven-year-old privately listening to music that helps him experience God made my day.


Then I realized what a privilege it is to come together on Sunday mornings to worship God.  We shape each other’s lives by our heart-felt response to God.


And God shows up.


I must admit, during the week I tend to forget the power of worship.  I was reminded this morning.


This Sunday we will look at another intense story about Jesus as we continue to read through Mark, the first gospel written.  Jesus nearly makes a poor father crazy as he gets sidetracked by a drive-by healing.  Read about it in Mark 5:21-43.


Come join an eleven-year-old this Sunday by being present to God – together.