This Sunday – Jan 23

This Sunday – Jan 23



That’s a powerful word.  Not enough of an experience in most of our lives, I suspect.  We tend to be isolated and fragmented, and even when we are with people at work or at home we are not necessarily together.


One of the most remarkable realities about the first churches planted by the followers of Jesus was the way that they were together.  Don’t worry, I’m not one to suppose that they were idyllic and perfect.  Far from it.  A lot of times they were not together.  That’s why we have some of the best instructions in the New Testament about how to love one another.


In the next couple of Sundays we are doing something very specific about what it means for us to be together.  We are establishing our first membership.  We have had a great experience of gathering together in worship, home groups, and lunches, and so many have demonstrated what membership actually looks like.


Now, together we are going to affirm our commitment to God’s purpose and presence in our church.


Together we are going to affirm our love and commitment to each other.


Together we are going to affirm our commitment to engage our world with the love of Christ.


This Sunday, I will be teaching from 2 Peter 1:1-11, a passage that challenges us to be very intentional about our growth in Christ.  It sets in place the principle that God has given us everything we need to grow and become what we’ve been called to be – His people.


I will also be going over our Membership Covenant, a description of the people we want to become – together.


On Sunday, January 30th, all will be invited to become covenant members of the Gathering Church.  What a privilege to be part of what God is building.


God does great things in those who come together to love Him, serve each other and bless the world.