This Sunday – Jan 13

This Sunday – Jan 13

Recently I was at a neighbor’s birthday party and was talking to another neighbor about his job. Turns out that he works for a company that coordinates all the communication among train companies in the U.S. It was fascinating listening to what has to happen to get merchandise to our local Target.

“Actually,” he said, “a legend in the train industry lives right in our neighborhood.”

“What has he done?” I asked.

“He’s an older guy that could retire but he still keeps working. He’s the person who developed the standard system that allows us to coordinate over two million pieces of equipment on the tracks. If something breaks down in Rocky Mount, after fixing it a mechanic in a matter of seconds can find out everything he needs to know in order to bill somebody for his work.”

“This man made that possible.”

I always enjoy hearing about people who have made a significant contribution in their work or community. There’s a story and a focus about their life that inspires others.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church I will teach about the focus of the apostle Paul as he describes it in Colossians 1:24-29. His example both inspires and challenges us to know what story is being written by our lives.

How is it that ordinary people become part of a story that changes eternity.

This Sunday.