This Sunday – Jan 1

This Sunday – Jan 1

In God, whose word I praise, In the LORD, whose word I praise—In God I trust.

-Psalm 56:10-11b


A powerful preposition.  It can describe a lot.

In love.

In trouble.

In heaven. 

In debt.

At the beginning of a New Year how can a person locate their life in the one reality that transcends and explains all others?

Even an agnostic may suspect that if there is a God, more of that God would be better for their life.  The other day I was praying with and for a friend who describes herself as an agnostic.  I was thanking God for her.  When I finished she wanted to keep praying, so she stammered, “To whom it may concern.”

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, New Year’s Day we will meet with God  and learn how we locate our hopes, our worries, our ambitions, our dreams in God.

It will be a great way to begin the New Year together.