This Sunday – Feb 19

This Sunday – Feb 19

You are what you eat.

Every diet assumes that, right?

I wonder if there’s ever been a more diet-obsessed and overweight culture as ours?

Have you seen the new Alec Baldwin? Back to his slimmer version of years past. No more sugar he says. Even Charles Barkley is on the bandwagon. A friend of mine lost twenty pounds recently after a physical indicted that he had become pre-diabetic. What he was eating was threatening his health.

A more serious issue?

You are what you worship.

Oops. Was that what my son, Jon calls a ‘Jesus-juke,’ an abrupt shift to spiritual talk ? Maybe, but not entirely surprising in a church blog.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will look at what the Bible defines as the most critical issue of human experience: how we respond to the incredible God who is. In Romans 1:14:25 it describes that response as worship.

And it says that everyone is worshipping in one way or another. That is, spending their life, their energies, their affections and devotions on something. You will never meet anyone who is not worshipping something. Even atheists and agnostics are serving something or someone.

Some passages in the Bible give us a clear look at the world that God imagines.

This is one of them.

It first gives us a clear look at the world that is.

In this message series, First Things First, we align our lives with what works for God. And that’s only always good.