This Sunday – Easter

This Sunday – Easter

We are going to have a great day tomorrow.  Families and friends will join us to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  It was fun planning the service the other day with Jeff and Chris.  The band will be pumped, and I can’t wait to talk about the incredible difference the resurrection makes in our lives.

Then we get to have lunch together, and an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  It will be good to be together, enjoying God and each other.

I’ll be teaching from Acts 3:1-21, a passage that contains Peter’s second public explanation of Jesus’ resurrection.  It’s clear from what he says that God did something so unique, so decisive that everything changed.  The wild thing is that Peter is talking to a crowd, many of whom had been responsible for Jesus’ death.  The drama is intense.

I hope that you will be there, first as a worshiper, then as a host to others, welcoming people to this new  growing family.

See you then.