This Sunday – Dec 9

This Sunday – Dec 9

For he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. Luke 1:48

Mary, the mother-to-be of Jesus delivers one of the most inspiring pieces of poetry when she realizes that God is doing something incredible in her life, something incredible even for the whole world.

She begins what we now refer to as The Magnificat by describing it as God being mindful of her, literally, ‘looking on her.’

I have occasionally asked people to describe how relevant God is in their life. One person quickly replied, “On a scale one to ten? Point five. Just in case God really exists.”

“How relevant is your dad in your life?”, I asked.

“My dad? I call him twice a day. “Sammy, baby, how ya doing?’”

In the same discussion another said, “God is about a five in my life.”

Later I turned the question around. “How relevant do you think you are to God?”

The more God-relevant friend instantly replied.

“That’s easy. Zero! Why would God ever think of me.”

The biggest spiritual discovery that anyone can ever make is to discover that God is mindful of them.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will learn more about that discovery through Mary’s experience in Luke 1:46-56. The kids of the church will help us learn by presenting their Christmas music. Want to keep your heart soft and open? Watch and listen to kids sing.