This Sunday | Dec 5

This Sunday | Dec 5

Okay, I admit it.  Andy Williams was the most dominant figure in my Christmas experience growing up.  Thanks to him and Santa Claus Christmas truly was the most wonderful time of the year. 

In high school I worked in a Hickory Farms store, hand-making cheese balls (which meant I never personally ate from one).  But, it was like working in Santa’s specialty food shop, all those cheeses, spreads, candies and meats that you only ate at Christmas.  Ladies downstairs were busily packing gift boxes to be rushed out, girls in the back were gift-wrapping packages, the store was crowded with customers, and we guys were trying to set a speed record in turning a forty-pound block of cheese into dozens of walnut-covered cheese balls.

Do you feel Chrismas-y yet?

Well, let me add this:  once Libby and I walked snow-covered Boston streets during a snow storm to go hear the Boston Pops do their classic Christmas concert.

Ahhh . . . . . Christmas.

But, my heart is more and more drawn to Advent – the pause to focus on waiting for the coming of God.

This Sunday, the second Sunday in Advent, we will look at Isaiah 11:1-10.  You will recognize the passage.  Its imagery is meant to stick, and it does.  The theme is peace. 

The church is reading the whole book of Isaiah this month to get a clear picture of God, ourselves, and his promise through His Servant, Christ.  A good devotional is available here


Something I’m learning with some sense of power is that Advent only makes sense if you are desperate – desperate for God.

Desperation only makes sense when God shows us what real peace is, what will only satisfy our hearts.

This Sunday we ask God to work in our lives, to grow our desperation for nothing but Him.


PS.  We’re off to a great start.  The Hymn Sing this past Thursday and the release of the EP Christmas Nights album was fantastic.  Check it out: