This Sunday – Dec 2

This Sunday – Dec 2

Imagine what it would be like if ninety per cent of Americans could say these things, automatically, almost without thinking because they would be so true.

Our president is incredible! He’s the best leader ever!

Our Congress and Senate are amazing! They make the best decisions and the best laws.

We couldn’t be better led. I hope my kid grows up to be a politician.

The prophet Isaiah imagined people saying such things about a leader. The season of Advent begins with a prophecy about such a leader.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we begin to focus on the coming of Christ, The Advent of Our King, by looking at Isaiah 9:2-7. You will recognize the passage. In it we will discover some of the most important lessons about life. Such as:

Unless God acts we are stuck.

Christ comes with what we most need.

My preparation for this Sunday has surprised me once again about the power of the promise in this passage. I hope you’ll be surprised too.

This Sunday.