This Sunday – August 19

This Sunday – August 19

Welcome students!

The Terminator and the Book of Revelation.

What do they have in common?

That’s what I wondered as the professor announced that the class would be watching the iconic 1984 Schwarzenegger movie.

The subject of the class was The Messianic Hope, taught by a Jewish professor and the first class assignments had been to read passages from the New Testament book of Revelation.

The professor, a friend, believes that America itself is founded upon a messianic hope, that is the world needs to change and only a catastrophic event in the future will bring about a better world.

Jesus and John Connor, both messiahs.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will conclude the summer series, Growing Wise: A Summer Survey of the Bible.

And I get to explain when the end of the world will take place.

Actually, Revelation 21:1-8 will be our focus, part of the conclusion of the whole Bible.

If you’re like me you are probably an agnostic when it comes to this strange book at the end of the Bible. Why was its message essential to the Early Church? Why does it matter today?

This Sunday.