This Sunday – Aug 8

This Sunday – Aug 8

It’s a strange story.


People who don’t know much about Jesus know this about him.


He walked on water.


But, why?


To show off his power?  To make his disciples worship him?  To give them confidence in him that he could do anything?


Why should it matter?  Isn’t it too crazy to really make sense?


This Sunday at the Gathering Church we will look at this account in the gospel of Mark, 6:45-56.


The interesting thing is that from Mark’s perspective the walking on the water isn’t even the main point.  The main point is about the disciples – their inability to recognize Jesus.  Something has happened to them that has blinded them.


Oh yeah, and literally, they were rowing against the wind – getting nowhere.


Hmmmm . . . . now that’s beginning to sound familiar.


So, this Sunday is for those who want to row with the wind and not be blind.