This Sunday – Aug 22

This Sunday – Aug 22

I think that I will always feel the excitement of new possibilities when a new school year starts.  At least I hope so.  Living in a university area that hits refresh every August certainly builds anticipation for something new.  (Not a good sign, by the way, if you immediately start complaining about the increased traffic and crowded restaurants.)

I’ve met some of the most important people in my life, most notably, Libby, my wife, during these weeks.

So, I get pumped up to see what God is going to do this school year, who God is going to bring into our lives.

This Sunday, I will begin by looking at a powerful prayer in Psalm 67.  It’s a prayer that God will bless us in order that others will bless Him. 

The mission of the Gathering Church is to love people incredibly well, as Jesus did.  And the key to loving well is being well loved by God.  To be well loved by God we usually have to overcome a distortion or two about how  God wants to relate to us.  That’s where Psalm 67 comes into play because it expresses God’s number one hope for us.

What do you think that is?  What do you think that God wants us to experience more than anything else?

We’ll find out Sunday.