This Sunday – Aug 15

This Sunday – Aug 15

The Bible is one honest book.

This Sunday we will complete the series on Nehemiah.  It’s been great to learn the lessons from Nehemiah’s journal about how to make the best changes in our lives and in our world.  This case study of how God can use a person to rebuild what God had in mind will stick with us.

The book ends in chapter 12 with an incredible celebration and dedication of the rebuilt walls.  Quite a scene.

But, then, chapter 13 outlines what Nehemiah finds when he returns to Jerusalem after being gone for many years.  The walls are still up, but the people changes haven’t held in place.

The Lesson:  The best changes have to be refreshed.

They don’t stay in place automatically.

So, if you have achieved some really good change in your life – how can you make it stick?

We’ll find out Sunday.