This Sunday – April 21

This Sunday – April 21


That’s the word that probably best describes Jesus.

Especially in the way he experienced God.

The way he talked to God was different. Like he knew God. Like they were close. Like he was talking ‘with’ God instead of ‘to’ God.

Jesus’ teaching on how to talk with God will be the focus this Sunday at the Gathering Church. In Matthew 6:5-18 Jesus gives us the model that has become known as The Lord’s Prayer.

The Jews were a praying people. Jesus’ disciples had grown up saying prayers all their life. But, the way Jesus prayed was so different that at one point they asked him to teach them to pray in the same way.

What made Jesus’ prayer so different?

It’s possible to pray his model prayer without it being different at all.

How can ordinary people like us talk with God like Jesus did?

Has anyone ever asked you to teach them how to pray?

This Sunday – At Hand: Jesus’ Teaching on Living Well.