The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl

If you hate sports and pastors who use sports analogies, well, then you’re probably not reading this anyway, unless you haven’t found something to get mad at today.

I might enjoy sports too much, but I always find tons of lessons in competitive activities.  And you know what, you can learn a lot about a person from how they play or watch sports.  I remember playing basketball with some co-workers, and I noticed right away that one guy didn’t hustle on defense. He mostly liked to shoot.  I immediately had concerns about his work ethic, which later indicated a lack of hustle as well.

I tend to justify my interest in sports by referencing the apostle Paul’s use of sports analogies – I mean, he summarized his life as a race, well run.  I don’t recall Jesus using sports analogies.  He was mostly into farming and shepherding kinds of images.  Paul had obviously known an arena, Jesus the field.

So, I’m excited to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday.  Not just for the commercials, but for the game.  What will be the story line?  Will it be Drew  Brees, the once discarded quarterback, triumphing for the team and the city that had nearly been wiped out?  Will it be a demonstration of incredible hard work and preparation and adjusting game genius by Peyton Manning?  I could easily imagine a sermon about the necessity of reading the defense in order to succeed on the play.  Do you know how many Christians are sacked daily because they have not done the prep work to understand and read the defense that opposes them?  Incredible!

So, Libby and I are going over to Jack and Richella Parham’s house for a Super Bowl Party.  I’m not a big fan of mixing sports with parties.  I want to concentrate on the game.  Libby, on the other hand, enjoys sports, but such events are the excuse to hang out with people.  She’s a talker.  She once introduced a parent to faith in Christ at our kids’ soccer game.  I found out about it when the parent told me after the game that his life had changed – during the game.  Did I mention that Libby is more spiritual than me?

But, the Parham’s house is a perfect place for Libby and me.  They have at least three levels of game intensity.  Their media screen downstairs is Level 1, for the dedicated fan.  No lights to even see anybody.  I’ve got my favorite place on the floor.  Libby’s pretty much banned from that room, unless the game is a rout and already decided.  Then she’s good for comfort.  Level 2 is the living room with a nice size TV where you can more casually watch the game with people who won’t yell.  Level 3 is the kitchen with a small upper cabinet TV near the island that has tons of food on it.  This is the room for the, “I’m not really into sports,” folks, who can visit and graze at the same time.

So, if you want to go to a Super Bowl Party, but not miss the game, or not be stuck in a crazy sports crowd – the Parham’s is a perfect place.  And if you are in the area, you are invited.

Address: 4024 Bristol Road, Durham.

Also, it’s a great way to get to know others in the church, including your pastor – during halftime, that is.  (I’m a little embarrassed that the planners have gone a geriatric route for entertainment.)