The Less Becomes Huge

The Less Becomes Huge

If I saw God work like that, of course I would have a strong faith.

Have you ever thought that after reading a story in the bible where God spoke directly to a person or did something that was unmistakably God?

I certainly have.

Then I conclude that something is wrong with God’s Communication Department.  Or worse, I begin to live as if God doesn’t speak or do anything in our lives.

But what if the issue was not about God, but about me?  My availability.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we look at the account of one of the most outrageous events in human history.  Found in Acts 10 is the story of how the news of Jesus first began to go viral.  It jumps out of its Jewish roots.

And it happens not because of a plan or strategy, but because two different people were praying.  But, they were not praying for it to happen, they were just praying.

And for them, prayer meant that they were available to God, present enough to hear God speak, to send each in a direction that they could have never imagined.

I suspect that when we learn to Live in God’s Story we learn to do less, not more.

But the less becomes huge when it makes us available to God.