The Laugh of Someone Who Felt Free

The Laugh of Someone Who Felt Free

I learned a lot the other day from seeing a person laugh.

It was an instant belly-laugh from something that had been said. It was totally unfiltered, unconscious. It was the laugh of someone who felt free.

I was surprised because I had never seen that person laugh. When I met him he was withdrawn, so self-c0nscious he just seemed to want to be invisible.

Coming to church, which was a new experience for him, made him feel that way. It was as if he were ashamed to be in church.

This Sunday at the Gathering Church, we will look at a bible story about a person who felt totally free to enjoy the love of Christ. Yet those who knew her thought that she should only feel shame. Check it out in Luke 7:36-50 as we continue the series, Free for Freedom: Removing Roadblocks to Life with God.

Have you ever noticed that the people who had the most to be ashamed of in their lives were the same people who were most attracted to Jesus?

We live in a culture that relentlessly shames us. You may have escaped by performing well enough to always look good to yourself and to others. But think how carefully you have to be to manage such a “good life.”

This Sunday, we learn from a woman who discovered how to have a truly shameless -and FREE- life.