The God-Shout

The God-Shout

There is a God-shout happening out my door this week. I don’t want to miss it. I would have to be incredibly pre-occupied to do so. It is so loud.

The Bible says that nature shouts about how incredible God is. The weather of this week is great evidence of that. The oppressive heat of the summer has lifted, the humidity has gone down, and the outdoors is calling. It almost seems like a sin to be indoors between 5:30 – 7:30 each day.

Some one has said that most of us have a ‘nature-deficit.’ That we miss the God-speech of creation. Are you deliberate about listening?

My neighborhood used to be a family farm. One of the silos is near the clubhouse/pool. There was a nice lake on the farm, that now has a paved path and occasional benches around it. I have found a favorite place, a little point under some trees along the bank. I take a collapsible, chair-in-a-bag , a backpack with legal pad, Bible, ipod, , my dog, Bailey, and ride my bike down to that spot. My blood pressure drops immediately upon sitting in that chair, watching and feeling the breeze over the water.

And, I listen.

And, I am present.

And, I’m renewed.

Find your place. Find your spot.

You’ll be a better person because God will find it easier to work with you, and so will everybody else.

Where do you listen?